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We provide top-quality solutions for commercial water treatment and industrial needs. Our company specializes in supplying glycols for new and existing systems and lubricants for elevator companies and industrial applications.

Glycol Supply and Formulation

We can determine the required amount of glycol needed to raise the glycol concentration to the appropriate level based on the system volume and the current glycol concentration. We supply glycol feed systems to various clients, including mechanical contractors, end-users, hotels, and commercial buildings. We provide glycol in pails, drums or tank trucks based on our client’s needs.

Lubricant  Supply

In addition to glycol, Wesco provides oils and greases for every industrial and commercial need. Wesco specializes in supplying the Elevator Industry with particular lubricants to meet their needs. These include our Ecolube environmentally friendly hydraulic oils that are vegetable oil based and biodegradable. These lubricants are ideal for commercial water treatment, where safety and environmental sustainability are key priorities.

Working with Us

We take pride in catering to various clients, from mechanical contractors to end-users, hotels, and commercial buildings. We understand the importance of having a reliable supplier that can deliver high-quality glycol and lubricants to keep your system running efficiently. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service, and we are always ready to work with our clients to meet their needs.

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